• The main objective of aluminum dross salty washing line to separate the salt from aluminum oxide.
  •  From the rotary drum crushers, small salty than 1mm aluminum oxide, wash in the pressurized tanks, to separate salt from oxide, salt to absorbed in water. Collapsing oxide to the bottom of the tank is sent to centrifuge drying.
  • Moist oxide is sent to the stock area to air dry or dried by passing through the rotary dryer.
  • Dried oxide is sent to the briquetting line. Metallic aluminum flux (briquette) is produced.
  • Using sectors: Iron and steel industry
  • Salt water is pumped crystallisation tank. In the crystallization tank, the water evaporates, the salt stays in the salt flux. Salt fluxes is collected from the tank and is returned to the secondary aluminum production industry.
  • The steam in the condensate tank is converted to water and stored in a water tank for reuse.
  • sing sectors: Secondary aluminum production industry
  • Ammonia gas generated by reaction in a pressure tank are routed to the water tank.
  • Polar gas molecules ammonia is a high rate of soluble in water. The materials sold in the market called the ammonia, ammonium hydroxide, an aqueous solution of ammonia.
  • Using sectors: Fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, paints, perfumes etc. It is used in the first step in synthesizing the material.

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