ACAN company with 20 years experience in the industry, in the year 2004 by an experienced team has been restructured. In this context, the self-renewal in the sector, open to change, technology, closely following a disciplined approach to work with non-compromising quality, customer-oriented principle has to work. Mining machinery industry due to the continuous development in line with increasing demand, in order to increase their competitiveness in the market, lowering costs and increase quality in the development of providing our customers with our experienced technical staff are proud heard. Our company is a vital element of these industries with the awareness that, uninterrupted and quality service to its customers has mission.

Our machines have been sold to most parts of the world. Many of our installations are sold directly to customers. Contact us and we will direct you to the best way of doing business with us. If you would like to see ACAN briquetting press in action, please contact us and we will arrange a visit to a reference plant. It would be a good idea to combine your visit to a reference plant with a visit to our factory.

ACAN, from 2012, Tekirdag, Corlu, Velimese Industrial Zone on the 5500 m2 open and 2.650 m2 closed area, modern facility continues to manufacture.

acan machine