ACAN, 50 tons / hour, 60 tons / hour and 70 tons / hour capacity mixer is manufactured.

The double-shafted mixer made by Acan is 3500mm in length and has a bowl measured at 3500x880mm. This set up provides the best way to mix the coal and provides homogeneity of material. A high quality double-walled, insulated, steam circulation machine.

In the coal industry these mixers are usually use liquid ingredients to be processed in before mixing to make the mixture homogenized.

The body of the mixer is made of 4-6 mm thick steel material accordinly to the capacity of the cylinders, each cylinder according to the capacities of the two ends are coated with a layer of 10-12 mm thick steel. These mixers are made of ST 37 steel material. These mixers are used in bearing systems, high-quality heavy-duty bearings. In order for these mixers to operate vibration-free, static and dynamic balance tests are conducted upon the motor with particular care.