ACAN Crushing and Screening Rotary Drum for Aluminum Dross.

Dross mass are transferred onto the teeth are broken in the entrance. Hard dross, crushed by drum crusher in the second section. The crushed dross is separated into two or three products. Aluminum oxide, aluminum metallic and metal. Aluminum oxide through sieves in the third section engages the bottom of the rotary drum. Aluminum oxide, until 3mm falls below is automatically poured into the entrance of the rotary drum crusher. Metallic aluminum and metal pieces will be discharged from the rear of the rotary drum. With magnetic tape from the rotary drum output is separated metallic aluminum and metal. At the entrance and inside the rotating drum crusher dust flying, it is sent through suction filter dust extractor.


- To reclaim metallic aluminum, crash dross with salt and white dross, separates and screens
- White aluminum oxide decomposing metal, preparing for the briquetting process.
- Salt alumina is clean from the metallic aluminum. Salty aluminum oxide, is preparing for the washing process.