Briquetting enhances calorific value of coal lignite fines and improves the efficiency of combustion, portability, storage and use of these types of fuel raw materials.

Depending on the properties of the feedstock briquettes made without binders (young brown coal, peat). When briquetting without binder is filled voids between the particles are compacted and deformed particles themselves, between them there are forces of molecular adhesion. Increasing pressure results in a decrease of the elastic deformation and move them in plasticity, whereby the structure of the briquette hardens. Young brown coal briquetting without binder produced for household needs.

Young brown coals (Wp to 60%) to a certain size are crushed and dried in a drum dryer until the optimal humidity. The dried coal is pressed into the roller presses, briquettes are cooled to 40-45 ° C and shipped to some warehouse customer requirements.