Now in Russia sharp deficiency of manganese ores is felt. The modern need of the industry makes 1,3 million tons of manganese concentrates. As a result of enrichment fine products are formed. The reconnoitered stocks of manganese ores in Russia make 148 million tons which are concentrated in 13 fine deposits of the North-Ural manganese -mining basin and Western Siberia . Ores of these deposits cannot be involved in metallurgical processing without enrichment. Feature of processing of manganese ores is the formation of a significant amount of fine fractions with a high mass fraction of valuable components. When the enrichment of manganese ore fine fractions are formed in the process of ore preparation. As a result, metal manganese ore produced minor products (screenings, flue dust and cyclone). In the year produced more than 0,7 million tons of dust and the loss of manganese with them are about 7-8 thousand tons per year. Minor products formed during the enrichment of manganese ores, and cannot be involved in the processing without briquetting. Thin fractions influence briquetting. However, their impact on the efficiency of briquetting studied sufficiently. Need to define the role of fine fractions in the mechanism of formation and hardening of briquettes, the definition of optimum conditions for briquetting of products with thin size classes.

The work to investigate the role of fine fractions in the mechanism of briquetting and the development of technical solutions to improve the technology of processing of manganese products using briquetting, is actual. The aim of our work is to develop technology for the processing of manganese products in the light of fine fractions. The idea of work is to establish and ensure the optimum balance of class size in briquetting manganese products.

Our task:
- Briquetting of fine fractions of manganese ores.

The practical significance of the work is to develop technologies for the processing of manganese products using briquetting in determining the optimum briquetting manganese concentrates.