In steel production in large quantities are used dolomites as flux and refractory materials. When dolomite mining in quarries, as well as in preparation for use (transportation, annealing) a significant amount of dolomite goes to waste in the form of dust and crumbs, which cannot be used in steelmaking.
A significant amount of dolomite dust accumulates in the dust and electrostatic chambers.
In production, transportation, preparation and use of lost up to 40% of the annual consumption of dolomite.
These waste products in the form of dust and crumbs cannot be used in the production of converter steel and go to dumps as process conditions for dolomite in pieces of dimensions charge should be in the range 20 - 70 mm.
To solve the problem of waste return dolomite in the technological cycle of production need to be developed converter dry pressing technology small fraction dolomite pellets satisfying the specifications and size, density and strength, as well as equipment for the implementation of this technology.
This problem has recently become particularly relevant due to the tightening of environmental regulations and increasing fees for use of natural resources.